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About the Owner of A+ Nannies - Atlanta

Leonor Herrera

A+ Nannies Atlanta is owned by Leonor Herrera. Leonor is a born educator. While pursuing her masters degree in education at the Universidad Iberoamericana, she worked at an elementary school. After finishing her masters she received a job opportunity as a professor at the university. A few years later, she found herself missing her young students and decided to go back to elementary education. She believes children are the meaning of life.

Leonor lives in Canton, GA with her husband Antonio and their two children, Antonio and Mariana.

Hilary Lockhart

A+ Nannies, Inc. was founded by President, Hilary Lockhart. Mrs. Lockhart got into the child care industry at a young age of 10; babysitting for neighborhood children. By age 12, Hilary had already started up a Babysitter's Club; finding other young teens various babysitting jobs. At age 16, she had her first nanny position; watching a 1 week old, 6 days a week. Hilary started teaching downhill ski lessons on weekends through the winter to children as young as 2; all while still being a nanny 5 days per week. She volunteered her senior year of high school at a daycare, and at a facility for handicapped children and adults. When Hilary graduated high school, she continued to nanny through college until opening A+ Nannies, Inc. You can call this her knack, her gift, her passion, or all of the above; she LOVES children.

A+ Nannies helps set "clear expectations", and to help both sides communicate and work together to make their relationship a lasting one. We highly encourage the nannies and families to keep in contact with us. Our agency will make 5 follow up calls within the first year. Every time we call the family for a follow up, we will also be calling the nanny. Our mission is to keep all lines of communication open and honest, to where the nanny and family feel comfortable talking with each other to discuss issues and concerns.

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Just wanted to let you know that after 2 years we still love our nanny, placed through your agency. My daughter will now be starting school and our nanny will be starting her own family. We believe our family is expanding, but will miss her being with us daily. I also wanted to let you know that I do not hesitate to tell people about A+ Nannies when they ask how I hired my nanny. Thank you for your assistance with the many calls I made prior to beginning the process. I also appreciated the many times your agency called to check up on me during the first year. Again, thank you so much for providing a sense of comfort and security for my child, while I was away during the day. - Winzer