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Nanny Services:
We do not believe in being all things to all people or else we would dilute what we stand for.  Therefore, we offer only child care services - we stick to what we know best; CHILDREN.

  • Nannies (full time or part time)
  • Babysitters (temporary and on call)
  • Newborn Specialists (Night Nannies)

All our candidates have been personally interviewed, and pre-screened specifically for your job requirements.

A+ Nannies in the News:

 Wall Street Journal reports on choosing the perfect nanny for your home:

"It's best to work through a member of the Alliance of Professional Nanny Agencies." (4/25/02)
"...seek out an agency that belongs to the Alliance... a professional group that requires members to conduct rigorous background checks." (10/24/02)


Leonor - Viveca is great. Molly smiles when Viveca arrives and I trust her with Molly. We had our first performance last night so as of today we should be getting into our groove with the schedule. Thanks again for your help we really appreciate it..

Best wishes. - Beth

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"My Nanny and Me"
Help Your Child's

Help your child with a new nanny with this full of life, vibrantly illustrated board book. Children will read that through laughter and fun, rules are easy to follow. This book describes a fun filled day making arts & crafts, going to the park, and even learning how to dress. Most importantly children will understand when the day is over, Mom and Dad come home!

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